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Everyone loves popcorn! When you add flavors, chocolate or nuts to the mix, the flavor profile becomes endless. With the 55+ varieties we offer, you can do a fundraiser every quarter and never repeat a flavor.  Our program is designed to put money in your pocket and have fun while doing it.  What can be easier than selling a tasty product!  We will assist you in every aspect of your fundraiser inclusing kicking it off to the delivery and distribution.

eKernally Yours Gourmet Popcorn & Sweet Treats

230 Mckean Ave.

Charleroi, PA 15022

Office: 724-489-7139
Fax: 724-276-1629

Email: info@eKernallyYours.com

No Upfront Costs

50% Profit

Quick Turnaround Time

55+ Flavors & Counting

The program is easy, and works for all sorts of groups.

Sports Teams 
Church Groups
Marching Band 
Field Trips
Scout Groups
Relay for Life
Let us send you a Fundraising Packet today. 

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